Taxi Service in Princeton, NJ

Experience a hassle-free ride from one of the best in the industry. Our affordable taxi services in Princeton, NJ are there to cater to all your needs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in our fleet of vehicles that you can choose from. After all, how you ride is our business and we like to make it perfect. Our Luxury Taxi service in Princeton, NJ is professional all the way; from being on time to efficient and experienced drivers.

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Let’s give you plenty of reasons to choose Princeton Premier Taxi service:

Affordable and Affordable Service in Princeton, NJ

You want the best rates so this is where you park your car. Come and book us and we will give you the best rate possible. 

Best Taxi Service in Princeton, NJ

You are our priority and your travel preferences are our guide to give you the best in every way. Give us your itinerary and we will do the rest. No worries, no hassles, and no play just pure perfection. 

Safe and Trustworthy 

All our cars are GPS enabled and equipped with the latest technology. Your safety is our priority and we are excellent at our job.

We are available 24/7

We operate 24/7 for your convenience. Princeton Premier Cab service, NJ is there for you 24/7, and that we mean literally. 

Our services

We at Princeton Premier Taxi service pride ourselves on our professional custom catered service in Princeton New Jersey. We have all that you would ever need for your travel needs from Airport Travel Services to wedding services all at the price which is affordable and the best news is that you can choose what suits your needs and pocket the best.

Airport Taxi Service in Princeton, NJ

Airport Taxi Service in Princeton, NJ
Airport Taxi Service in Princeton, NJ

Running late is never an option especially when you have a flight to catch. We will make sure you board that flight on time along with keeping on top of your busy schedules. Business, leisure, or social engagements all your travel needs will be covered at the right price.

We serve these locations:

Trenton-Mercer Airport Taxi service from Princeton

Princeton Airport Taxi Service Pick-up and Drop, NJ

Princeton to Philadelphia International Airport Taxi service

Princeton to Newark Liberty International Airport Taxi service

Princeton to Atlantic City International Airport Taxi service

Princeton to JFK airport Taxi service

Wedding Limo Service in Princeton, NJ

Wedding Limo Service in Princeton, NJ
Wedding Limo Service in Princeton, NJ

Marital bliss is a beautiful journey and we want to be there for the ride. We want you to only worry about your vows on that special day and the rest of your transport needs are our priority. 

We are the Best Wedding Limo Service in NJ and we serve the best. So, call and book us today.

Make memories with our flawless services. 

Prom and Formal Dance party Service in Princeton, NJ

Prom and Formal Dance party Service in Princeton, NJ
Prom and Formal Dance party Service in Princeton, NJ

Glam, Glitz, and a vehicle for that grand entrance to make your prom night unforgettable. Worry only about your clothes and leave your safety and travel for us. We will get you to your venue and make sure you arrive in style. Your perfect day is just a call away with our Prom Taxi service in Princeton, NJ.

Birthday and Special events Limo service in Princeton, NJ

We want to make a grand gesture and make you the center of attention with our birthday party Taxi service in Princeton, NJ. We cater to all age groups, after all, you are only born once and celebrate it only once every year so why not make it big

Corporate Events Limo Service in Princeton, NJ

We understand your corporate needs from retreats to conferences and we want to make sure we hold your brand as high and reputable as it can be. With our one-of-a-kind corporate luxury Taxi Services, we promise to make you the highlight of your company. 

Make that presentation and let us deliver you to that very important meeting because we understand that it’s not just about being on time it’s about quality of service and we assure you that you will get that best. 

We offer the Best Corporate Limo rates in Princeton, NJ. Call or e-mail us for extra special rates; just for you!

Princeton City Tours Service, NJ 

Princeton has so much to offer from the prestigious Princeton university nestled in the very heart of the city to the magnificent Trinity Church. With so many places to see it’s important to have a comforting guide. Let us chaperon you on this architectural adventure and explore every nook of the city.

Princeton University Taxi Service, NJ

Explore the beautiful gothic architecture of the university with our comfortable Princeton Premier Taxi service. We will take you for the ride of your life. 

Princeton University Art Museum Taxi service, NJ

Enjoy with our Princeton Premier Taxi service one of the finest museums in the country with a huge collection at its behest exhibiting some of the most beautiful paraphernalia from not just within the country but also from around the globe.

Morven Museum and Garden Taxi Service, NJ

A peep into the New Jersey historical events with our Princeton Premier Taxi service. An old mansion turned into a museum with its lush green gardens and well-manicured landscapes. One of the best-kept secrets of Princeton and worth a visit.

Carnegie Lake Taxi service, NJ

Pristine, calm and serene waters that draw you in and an atmosphere to die for. Let’s get you here in our Princeton Premier Taxi service, so book us now and we will make sure you hold onto that feeling of peace with our hassle-free services.

Princeton University Chapel Taxi Service, NJ

Explore the beautiful cathedral of marvelous medieval-style construction and design in our Princeton Premier Taxi service. One of the most treasured places to visit if you are in town.

Nassau Hall Taxi service, NJ

One of the iconic buildings on the campus of Princeton University and a focal point of attraction for many tourists. The location itself is adjacent to the Princeton battlefield so you can tour two places at one time in our Princeton Premier Taxi service.

Princeton Cemetery Taxi service, NJ

Fresh, green, and huge garden to walk around and immerse yourself in some of the famous historical figures that lay to rest there. Must visit places with our Princeton Premier Taxi service.

St. Paul’s Catholic Church Taxi service, NJ

Built in the 1950s this is a magnificent piece of the historical building. Soak in the beautiful stained glass and the beauty it casts on the soul. A wonderful place to sit and have a peaceful mind and we will get you there in our Princeton Premier Taxi service.

Princeton Battle Monument Taxi service, NJ

Princeton Premier Taxi service will take you around the stunning monument dedicated to paying homage to the New Jersey patriots who served in the American revolution. Many laid their lives and so many sacrifices made for the future, worth a thought or two. 

Trinity Church Taxi service

A distance away from Princeton University this wonderfully build church is art in itself with its stained-glass windows, stoned carved arches, and a myriad of structures. Give it a glimpse in our cozy, clean, and Affordable Princeton Premier Taxi service.

Cleveland tower

Go on Concerts with our Princeton Premier Taxi service. Relish the music and a gothic feel of the place. This place will remind you of the beloved children’s magic novel series- you know the one with the magic wand and the magic school.

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